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Blending Tank, Reactor

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Blending Tank, Reactor

The tank is intended to produce final products through addition of powdered or liquid additives to a liquid base and subsequent mixing or
chemical reactions


Cosmetics, Fine Emulsion, Food & Beverage


  1. Type of Tank : Single, Jacket
  2. Type of Head : 5%, 10% Dish, Hemisphere, Flat Type
  3. Material : STS304(316L), Teflon Lining, Teflon Coating SS400
  4. Volume : 0.1 - 50m3
  5. Surface Treatment : Mirror Shape, Hair Line, Acid Cleaning
  6. Agitator : Anchor, Propeller, Paddle Type
  7. Sealing Method : Mechanical Seal, Lip Seal & Grand Packing
  8. Heat Exchange