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Extractor, Evaporator

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Extractor, Evaporator

The extractor or evaporator found in pre-treatment facilities for the production of eco-friendly soft drinks (such as fruit and ginseng juices)
and medicinal herbal drinks (such as red ginseng and Schizandra drinks) carries a tank-shaped piece of equipment.
This is designed to meet the HACCP's requirements. The device for heating and cooling and the heat exchanger should be so designed and manufactured that it is able to product best product


Cosmetics, Fine Emulsion, Food & Beverage


  1. Type of Tank : Single, Jacket
  2. Type of Head : 5%, 10% Dish, Hemisphere, Flat Type
  3. Material : STS304(316L), Teflon Lining, Teflon Coating SS400
  4. Volume : 0.1 - 50m3
  5. Surface Treatment : Mirror Shape, Hair Line, Acid Cleaning
  6. Agitator : Anchor, Propeller, Paddle Type
  7. Sealing Method : Mechanical Seal, Lip Seal & Grand Packing