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Silo Storage

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  • MaterialSTS304(316L)

[Essen Tech Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Silo Storage

A jacket is required to heat or cool or maintain temperature according to raw materials or finished goods to be stored; further, a protective cover is installed to provide protection to the tank in the event any insulation is necessary. In addition, an agitator may be needed to prevent the deposition of the contents or achieve homogenization.


Cosmetics, Fine Emulsion, Food & Beverage


  1. Type of Tank : Single, Jacket
  2. Type of Head : 5%, 10% Dish, Hemisphere, Flat Type
  3. Material : STS304(316L), Teflon Lining, Teflon Coating SS400
  4. Volume : 0.1 - 100㎥
  5. Surface Treatment : Mirror Shape, Hair Line, Acid Cleaning
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